Uses of Class

Uses of eShopperDB in eShopper

Methods in eShopper that return eShopperDB
 eShopperDB eShopperList.getDB()

Methods in eShopper with parameters of type eShopperDB
 void List.rename(java.lang.String newName, eShopperDB db)
          Renames this list in the database
 void List.delete(eShopperDB db)
          Deletes this list from the database

Constructors in eShopper with parameters of type eShopperDB
eShopperList(int listID, int view, eShopperDB db)
          Builds a new eShopperList
eShopperRecipe(int nodeID, int recipeID, int listID, eShopperDB db)
eShopperDate(java.sql.Date date, int listID, eShopperDB db)
          the constructor
eShopperRoot(int view, int listID, eShopperDB db)
eShopperCombiner(int listID, eShopperDB db, boolean largestUnit)
          Takes a shopping list and creates a vector of all the ingredients on the list where similar ingredients have been combined according to units.
eShopperClipboard(eShopperDB db)
          This is the constructor.
eShopperTree(int view, int listID, eShopperDB db)
          Constructs a new tree model of the shopping list
eShopperIngredient(int nodeID, int ingredientID, int listID, eShopperDB db, float qty, int unitid)
eShopperUnit(int aUnitID, eShopperDB db)