Package eShopper

Class Summary
AboutWindow This is the window that displays the information about eShopper and eGroup
AddItemWindow This window allows the user to add a recipe or an ingredient to the current list.
CreateIngredientWindow This window allows the user to create new ingredients and insert them in the database.
CreateRecipeWindow This is the window by which recipes are added to the database.
eShopper This is the executive part of the program.
eShopperAction This is a class that can represent any undoable action in eShopper.
eShopperClipboard This class allows for copying and pasting within eShopper.
eShopperCombiner Takes the list and creates a vector of ingredients which can be used both by the item view and the export functions.
eShopperDate This is a subclass of eShopperNode which represents a date node.
eShopperDB This class provides database access to eShopper.
eShopperGUI All the GUI objects (i.e.
eShopperIngredient This class is for the ingredients in a list.
eShopperList eShopperList is a subclass of JTree which creates the single JTree from the tree object.
eShopperMisc This is a miscelaneous item in the list.
eShopperNode An abstract class to specify the functions and attributes common to all of the nodes on our eShopperList.
eShopperRecipe eShopperRecipe has eShopperIngredients as children.
eShopperRoot This class takes care of all the view stuff and is consequently the most messy.
eShopperTree This class implements TreeModel.
eShopperUnit This class implements units and unit conversion for the Ingredients.
expansionListener This keeps track of all the paths in the tree that are set to be expanded
handyShopperDB This class creates a HandyShopper compatible database from the eShopper database.
Ingredient This is an Ingredient that is in the database, but doesn't need the information associated with being in a recipe or a shopping list.
IngredientWindow IngredientWindow serves as an abstract class from which are created the CreateIngredientWindow and ManageIngredientWindow classes.
List This is a recipe that is in the database but does not need the information associated with being in a shopping list.
MainWindow This is the main eShopper window.
ManageIngredientsWindow This window allows the user to edit the properties of the ingredients in the database.
ManageRecipesWindow This window allows you to edit pre-existing recipes in the database or add a new recipe thereto.
Recipe This is a recipe that is in the database but does not need the information associated with being in a shopping list.
RecipeIngredient This is an ingredient that is associated with a recipe.
RecipeWindow This is the parent of the windows to create and manage recipes.