Class handyShopperDB

  extended byeShopper.handyShopperDB

public class handyShopperDB
extends java.lang.Object

This class creates a HandyShopper compatible database from the eShopper database. Takes an eShopperList and creates a handyShopper PDB from it. This can then be put in the Palm install directory using that installTo(path) function Assumes a location of hs2convert in the same directory as eShopper. Also a listSetup.txt file

Jim Laing

Constructor Summary
handyShopperDB(eShopperList list)
          Constructs a handy shopper database file from a eShopperList.
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Constructor Detail


public handyShopperDB(eShopperList list)
Constructs a handy shopper database file from a eShopperList. Attempts to pass the list to the Palm instapp program whose path is configured in the database. Requires hs2convert.exe and a listSetup.txt file which represents the handyshopper database preferences.

list - the list which is to be converted