Uses of Class

Uses of eShopperGUI in eShopper

Subclasses of eShopperGUI in eShopper
 class AddItemWindow
          This window allows the user to add a recipe or an ingredient to the current list.
 class CreateIngredientWindow
          This window allows the user to create new ingredients and insert them in the database.
 class CreateRecipeWindow
          This is the window by which recipes are added to the database.
 class IngredientWindow
          IngredientWindow serves as an abstract class from which are created the CreateIngredientWindow and ManageIngredientWindow classes.
 class MainWindow
          This is the main eShopper window.
 class ManageIngredientsWindow
          This window allows the user to edit the properties of the ingredients in the database.
 class ManageListsWindow
 class ManageRecipesWindow
          This window allows you to edit pre-existing recipes in the database or add a new recipe thereto.
 class RecipeWindow
          This is the parent of the windows to create and manage recipes.