Uses of Class

Uses of eShopperNode in eShopper

Subclasses of eShopperNode in eShopper
 class eShopperDate
          This is a subclass of eShopperNode which represents a date node.
 class eShopperIngredient
          This class is for the ingredients in a list.
 class eShopperMisc
          This is a miscelaneous item in the list.
 class eShopperRecipe
          eShopperRecipe has eShopperIngredients as children.
 class eShopperRoot
          This class takes care of all the view stuff and is consequently the most messy.

Methods in eShopper that return eShopperNode
 eShopperNode eShopperClipboard.getCurrentItem()
          This returns the item currently in the clipboard.

Methods in eShopper with parameters of type eShopperNode
 void eShopperClipboard.add(eShopperNode newNode)
          This adds an item to the clipboard, to later be retrieved.
 void eShopperAction.setAction(int action, eShopperList list, eShopperNode changedNode)
          This allows the type of action to be set.
 void eShopperAction.setNode(eShopperNode node)
          This sets the node the action was performed on (if applicable).