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eShopper 1.0 Final :: Download Installer :: Download Full Sources
This is the final version of eShopper 1.0. If you want to try out eShopper, use this version. The sources of this version include all files used to make the installer, including images and online help files.

eShopper 1.0 pre2 :: Download Installer :: Download Source Code
This is the first public pre-release of eShopper. It is packaged in an MS Windows installer that will install all of the files where they need to go, and create Start Menu shortcuts. The main reason for this release is the display of the integrated documentation that is contained within the build. The documentation can be reached through the Help -> Contents menu item.

Prototype :: Download :: Download Source Code
This is an alpha prototype of eShopper.
Missing Functionality: The edit and help menus don't work.
Instructions for Use:
1) Download the above zip file.
2) Unzip it to any location.
3) In Windows, double-click on the eShopper.jar file.