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Related Projects

eShopper is not being developed in a vacuum. We have been inspired by some projects, and hope to achieve interoperability with others.


There is currently a very good PDA shopping list application called HandyShopper. When originally exploring the idea of a shopping list application, we discovered that HandyShopper had already implemented many of the ideas we had for the PDA side of things, but we were more interested in extending the functionality and making an easy to use program for the desktop. So, we decided not to write the PDA side, and just be compatible with HandyShopper.

HandyShopper already has a strong users' group and we think it is exciting that we may be able to serve a large number of people with our product. There are in fact two similar products to ours (an MS Excel spreadsheet and a desktop application called Rat Shopper), but we believe we can create something better.

Team B's GOList

Another team in the software engineering class is also doing a PDA shopping application called GOList. Their application runs on the PDA, and competes with HandyShopper. However, GOList offers much more functionality than HandyShopper because of the support for recipes and meal planning. Since this project is more closely related to the eShopper functions, we would like to achieve interoperability with GOList as well.

Eric Plantinga's Online Recipe Database

One of our possible extra features is the ability to connect to an online recipe database with eShopper in order to find new recipes and submit one's own. Eric Plantinga has already created such an online database which is available on his website. He has graciously given us permission to use his work, and we'll be making use of it if we have the time.