Uses of Class

Uses of eShopperList in eShopper

Methods in eShopper with parameters of type eShopperList
 void eShopperClipboard.cut(eShopperList list)
          This takes the currently selected item from the list, and adds it to the clipboard, then removes it from the list.
 void eShopperClipboard.paste(eShopperList list)
          This takes the item currently in the clipboard and inserts it into the selected place in the list.
 void eShopperAction.setAction(int action, eShopperList list, eShopperNode changedNode)
          This allows the type of action to be set.
 void eShopperAction.undoAction(eShopperList list)
          This reverses the affects of the action.

Constructors in eShopper with parameters of type eShopperList
handyShopperDB(eShopperList list)
          Constructs a handy shopper database file from a eShopperList.
ManageListsWindow(eShopperList list, MainWindow receivedMainWindow)
MainWindow(eShopperList list)
CreateRecipeWindow(eShopperList list, javax.swing.JComboBox recipesBox)